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Welcome to the #MSF..And its blog, now as your friendly neighborhood homepage! If you'd like some more information on the channel itself, visit the Welcome page, which holds the "rules" and channel ideals. Otherwise, important events, quick updates, and news will be posted here (or on the calendar)...In the hopes that people will see them when they first click!

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Distress Call A0275

Posted by Aderas on September 11, 2012 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (2)

This is a wide band distress call for any and all effectives. This is Commander Nachytsm of the Nalinathrian Legion's 275th Legionary Corps. We are currently engaged by a large force of hostile unknowns at planetary coordinates CW-4298 TR-0279. Starfleet has been forced into retreat by hostile unknowns. We need immediate assistance. This message will repeat at regular intervals.

- The transmission is of indeterminable age. -

((Contact Commander Nachytsm via Steam, or steam group Nalinathrian Legionnaires)

Have a Happy New Year

Posted by Raetzain on December 31, 2011 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

From all of us at MSF, have a Happy New Year...And don't get too drunk tonight while partying.

And for the 2012 idiots, your "apocolypse" isn't supposed to happen until next December, so you can chill out.

Titan's Fist Scifi Roleplay

Posted by Raetzain on December 31, 2011 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

The Roleplay surrounding the Titan's Fist will begin shortly to start off the new year. If you'd like more information, contact Raetzain or visit the page for it located in Alternate Roleplays.


- Captain / Pilot - Martin Willomen - Raetzain

- Stealth Expert / Sniper - Thomas Torin - ChaosKillerX7

- Rifleman / Muscle - Taerom Nalin - Sarevus

- Medical Professional - Clarence Faeryn - Alastair

- Weapons Specialist / Close Quarters Combat - Lionel McMason - Choopy

- XO / AI and Ship-to-ship tactics - Mark Wallowski - Damian / Darasuum

- Heavy Support (Long-Range Demolitions) / Psychokinetic Shock Trooper - Tau'Nu Gariim Exigen - Dais Orochi

- Engineer - Radim Janovec - Atlas

- Tank / Technician - T'kurik - ElDiablo

If you haven't noticed, the character sheets have moved. They are Here now.

All slots for now are filled, but if you have a storyline, character, or idea you want to share for later..You are certainly welcome to. Who knows, you might just find yourself onboard the Titan's Fist without being sanctioned if you're useful enough.

Updates, Summaries, and Fun - 12/17/2011

Posted by Raetzain on December 17, 2011 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

So, here's a quick run-down on what's been happening in the channel since December rolled around. These are just some quick summaries that I wrote up for entertainment and knowledge value...


- The city, under attack? Apparently there's a very sneaky parasitic creature of some sort trying to make its way into the city...Fortunately, someone's dice didn't like them and a large rock golem managed to smash most of them without even noticing.

- Far to the south, a team duo of Kyla and Willomen - Bounty hunters, mercenaries, or general thieves if the call demands it - are stirring up trouble in the desert-side Kingdom of Ura. Look out Verashor, they're heading up to you next. But that's not all? What does the Prince of Ura want with more magic power..And why is he trying to gather a guide to the north just when winter is starting to close in?

- Though both are newcomers to Verashor, Claes and Ezekial Crowe seem quite amicable in their quest to help each other fit in. Apparently the woman in a child's body and the "knight in shining armor" are the best of friends, but you don't want to hear about that stuff...It's boring!

- How about Luck, a servant of the Nights Guild, and his quick meet up with a bored shadow demon? No, too small scale for your tastes too? No doubt - How about the deities?!

- Alyth, demon at large, causing some trouble to your family and guild? Don't worry, Ras'Ka has your back. Not only has he sent a sword witha large portion of power to the city to combat this threat, but he's sending agents to protect the Sword Holder until its time to shine. Now this might seem good and all, but the agent he sent? A vampire...Not only a vampire, but a Darkweaver! Meanwhile and coming up soon, how does the raw chaos of a deity pawn-game sound in the future? Definitely more in store on this and plenty of details left out in the cold. Actually, speaking of that-

- Winter wonderland? More like winter freeze-your-ass-off. The Snow Reach has let down its first seasonal storm, and arriving right behind came two feet of snow. Though the temperature is warming up and the snow is melting, Verashor is still a half-frozen slush bucket. Just remember to avoid those "lemon" flavored snow cones when ordering at your tavern of choice - Especially at the Exile's Rest.

- So far, newcomers to the City of the Emerald Gleaming this month are: Marias Aesíon, Ezekial Crowe, Claes, two rats, a very large stone-creature, and a shadow demon called Voice.

There might have been an update regarding Mark's setting, but he never got around to it or something..SO INSTEAD...

In other news...

The moderators have decided on a new ruling regarding channel behavior. Generally, if you handle yourself as an adult and fix your problems before a Mod can take action..You can get off scott-free.

Chaos is attempting to reopen Coalition, and there are a few ideas running around...As well as plenty of random female characters. Or at least I got that impression. Check it out sometime. It is an approved setting, just seen better days in lacking interest department.

The new blog system is underway. We've set it as our homepage for now, so maybe..Just maybe..People will actually read it. For a closer view on channel summaries, visit the setting websites...I don't know about everyone, but they usually have a "storyboard" where updates are posted.

Christmas is around the corner. What are you doing? Going away? Why don't you tell us what you're doing in some comments below, just so it looks like someone actually read this. Lol.

Also, the Cult of Merrak in Verashor needs a leader. Interested in being a psychotic, shapeshifting, liar of great porportions? Talk to Raetzain, he'll lay some info down on you.

Opening Blog Statement

Posted by Raetzain on December 14, 2011 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Testing. If you see this message, PM Raetzain on the IRC.