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Titan's Fist Scifi Roleplay

Posted by Raetzain on December 31, 2011 at 1:40 AM

The Roleplay surrounding the Titan's Fist will begin shortly to start off the new year. If you'd like more information, contact Raetzain or visit the page for it located in Alternate Roleplays.


- Captain / Pilot - Martin Willomen - Raetzain

- Stealth Expert / Sniper - Thomas Torin - ChaosKillerX7

- Rifleman / Muscle - Taerom Nalin - Sarevus

- Medical Professional - Clarence Faeryn - Alastair

- Weapons Specialist / Close Quarters Combat - Lionel McMason - Choopy

- XO / AI and Ship-to-ship tactics - Mark Wallowski - Damian / Darasuum

- Heavy Support (Long-Range Demolitions) / Psychokinetic Shock Trooper - Tau'Nu Gariim Exigen - Dais Orochi

- Engineer - Radim Janovec - Atlas

- Tank / Technician - T'kurik - ElDiablo

If you haven't noticed, the character sheets have moved. They are Here now.

All slots for now are filled, but if you have a storyline, character, or idea you want to share for later..You are certainly welcome to. Who knows, you might just find yourself onboard the Titan's Fist without being sanctioned if you're useful enough.

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