Modern Scifi Fantasy

Our Government...

Basically, you can think of our channel as sort of a democracy meeting a dictatorship. At all times, Raetzain (Dave) as the Channel Master has operator status. Below him are three elected officials from the channel body. These three officials are given operator status as well, and serve as sort of a "council" that makes decisions for the channel itself.

Both positions, and voting, are discussed below if you're interested. 

For more information on the setting approval process and rights of our sub-section moderators visit This Page.
For more information about operators, past and present, please visit This Page.

The Channel Master

The Channel Master, in this case Raetzain, is the leader and creator of the channel. He oversees the voting process, serves as 'Judge' during council meetings, and makes lewd gestures towards the users when he deems it appropriate. (Just kidding. ;D)

The Channel Master has the right to:

-Short-term Kick or Ban anyone who has been given a warning and continued to be a problem in channel.
-Make snap judgements if the council of three moderators is not available.
-Oversee arguments about IC issues.
-Rule that a setting or roleplay idea is not fit for the channel.
-Issue warnings to users.

The Channel Master cannot:

-Vote on members for the Council.
-Vote on permanent member removal.

The Council

The Council of Three are the representatives from the channel, elected by the channel. To see how they are voted upon, look at the next box below.

The Council of Three has the right to:

-Vote on whether a certain setting can be added into the channel.
-Vote on user removal from the channel.
-Short-term Kick or Ban anyone who has been given a warning and continued to be a problem in channel.
-Make snap judgements if the full council or Channel Master is not available.
-Oversee arguments about IC issues.
-Vote for themselves in election.
-Issue warnings to users.

The Council cannot:

-Permanently remove anyone without a full council vote, with Channel Master present.

Voting Process

Voting for Council members takes place ever first Monday of the month. If you aren't present on that day (or are in a non-US time zone), you better vote a few days prior. The votes are collected and counted by the Channel Master, and results are usually given the next morning. 

A few guidelines:

  • All Votes should be given in private, either through PM or an alternate chat program.
  • All users get two votes. Not three.
  • Users are not required to vote. But it is recommended.
  • Opinions need not be expressed before or after the name votes.
  • If there is a tie in for the bottom position, another vote 

Alternatively, voting on other subjects may be required..such as "user removal" from the channel. If the Council of Three cannot reach a decision regarding user removal, or with to present it to the channel users themselves, a simple vote of (Yes/No) will be required.  In this case, channel majority wins depending on the ratio. 5:5 is not a majority. 6:4 is.