Modern Scifi Fantasy

Setting Moderator Section

 Before one becomes a Setting Moderator, there are several requirements...But after these requirements have been met, the Setting Moderator(s) are granted specific rights to what they can or cannot do with their setting. It might all seem bureaucratic at first, but it really isn't. I've made it simple for you.

Setting Approval

At any given time, there should be no more than two settings in any genre. Occasionally, this can be slid around due to other factors...Like settings that are half fantasy, half scifi. Generally speaking however, six settings are more than enough for any given time. 

Prior to setting approval, roleplays that are just "ideas taking off" aren't really mentioned on our website and need further discussion and work before consideration. Rogue-Roleplays section is dedicated to these sorts of small ideas, but have a website...

But full-fledged settings, with most of the work already laid out, only have a few requirements.

1. A setting waiting for approval must have a moderator.
If you have another person who's willing to join you in moderating (like, say a joint-project), you will be better off. Otherwise, you're probably going to be the setting moderator anyway!

2. A setting waiting for approval must have a website.
Generally, the roleplayers need some form of medium that would allow them to research your setting without having you re-explain things ten or twenty times. It also allows for the channel to better know what to expect when voting.

Specifically the website's information needs to be presented in a way that shows organization and time was put into the work.

3. A setting waiting for approval must have at least two people, not including the moderator(s), interested in Roleplaying with it.
If you don't have other people wanting to RP with you, why should we add it?

4. A setting waiting for approval must be voted on by the channel users on whether or not to add it.
To be added to our section, more than half of the current channel users must vote "Yes" to the addition. 

In cases where there are only a few people in the channel, voting may take time as others return and are asked.

Setting-Holder Rights

At any given time or circumstance, setting moderators have final word on anything that goes on within their setting. Channel Operators only have dominion over OOC problems, arguments, or issues. Setting Moderators are responsible for IC fights, storylines, plots, IC action arguments, or immersion.

Setting-Holders may...

 - Reject or Accept any character idea based on their own judgement.

 - Make any change or addition to their setting based on their own judgement.

 - Remove any character from their setting based on their own judgement, but only if said character is violating the intentions of the Setting-Holder.

Setting-Holders may not...

 - Remove any user from their setting based on personal problems with said user.

 - Exclude any user from their setting based on personal problems with said user.

*Whether or not exclusion or removal was based on personal issues is up to the discretion of a Channel Operator.*